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Mint Slutty Brownies

Alright, Bryan and I survived the half-marathon. It wasn’t pretty – we encountered shin splints, a few charlie horses, and a couple blisters – but we did it. And to celebrate our negative calorie count accordingly, I made the most epic dessert you could possibly make.  Slutty Brownies Originally debuted by The Londoner, and perfected by #1 girl crush What’s…

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Sea Salt & Herb Skillet Rolls

This weekend, Bryan and I are running our first ever half-marathon! We’ve been training for it since the Fall, doing lots of long runs and shorter races, and now it’s almost game time. While there are a lot of positive ramifications of running, my personal favorite is the pre-run ritual of eating lots of carbs. Seriously though, now I understand why…

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Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Muffins

When it comes to grocery shopping, I try to be fairly exact with my purchases. I plan specific menus for each night of the week and resist impulse buying as much as possible. This helps me a) manage how much money I spend on groceries and b) avoid ordering pizza for dinner three nights a week. I also hate wasting…

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Morning Glory Muffins

For me, mornings have never been a struggle. I’ve always been an obnoxious morning person who has no problem jumping right out of bed the second the alarm goes off, no snooze button necessary. I was a D1 Rower in college, so when my roommates and friends were sleeping in until noon everyday, I was up at 5am (even on Saturdays!),…

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Bouchon Bakery Shortbread Cookies

One of life’s simplest pleasure is a hot cup of tea and a cookie. It is the perfect remedy after a long day, a great pick-me-up when you’re feeling sick, and a nice treat when you just want to be a little fancy. One of the best birthday gifts I ever got Bryan (the ultimate tea lover), was a reservation…

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