Introducing Little Bits Bakery

Hello! Welcome to Little Bits Bakery!

This is the place where my love of pretty pictures, sweet treats, and type-A organization skills collide.

I’m Elizabeth, a self-taught baker who always dreamed of being a pastry chef and having my own bakery shop. Instead, because life is expensive, I work on Wall Street by day and live out my puff-pastry dreams in my small apartment kitchen in Jersey City with my fiance/full-time taste tester Bryan.

My favorite thing to bake are biscotti, I start every day with coffee and usually end it with wine, and live in yoga pants despite not really being that into yoga (sorry every mid-20s girl in NYC). I also love to hike, read any type of book out there, and create to-do lists for everything.

This is the start of what I hope will be an exciting and inspiring 2017 project – document and share all of my baked goods and challenge myself to become a blog-worthy chef.


Extra thanks to my Dad for giving me a childhood nickname that fulfills all my alliteration dreams. Xoxo – Little Bit.

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